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hp array configuration Utility

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hp array configuration Utility

i have hp server hp peolaint 380.. Raid is configured with Array configuration utility. i noticed that the C drive on which os is installed doesnot have in reduntant drive. no i want to reconfigure Raid so that i could make my c drive reduntant, i.e need to add one more disk, mirroring. since i can do it when its runnig, so i will have to do it in startup congiguration?? right ???

so will i need to desolve current raid or i can reconfigure it. please hel-p me through as i am new on this..


Re: hp array configuration Utility

 Hello adnansabir567,

In order to assist you further, please share with us what is the exact server model (generation?) & which is the HPE smart array controller. Furthermore, how many hard disk drives currently are installed and which is the array topology (RAID 0, 1 ?). Prior to any actions ensure that have a valid backup.


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