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HP D1187A Monitor

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HP D1187A Monitor

I have a D1187A monitor connected to an Elite2/True fx video accelorator with a 3Dlabs Glint 500 tx + Glint Delta chip. The monitor is capable of 1280x1024. I can only get a reasonable display when I set the parametes in NT 4 workstation to 1152X870, 32768 colours 75Hz. set on 1280X1024 I get a tripple display, set at 1152X870 the image does not fill the screen, how can I expand this, do I use the contols in the panel on the l/h side, if so how do I do it, ort can I get it to work correctly on 1280X1024
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Re: HP D1187A Monitor

Hi there.
Are you sure, taht you installed the correct drivers for your vga interface ?
Check your hardware settings pls.
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