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HP laptop NC6320 will not recognize bootable DVD

New Member

HP laptop NC6320 will not recognize bootable DVD

Hi Folks
I have an HP laptop NC6320 with a DVD RW that is TSST Corp ts-l632d . I have tried to

repeatedly install Vista Via a bootable DVD or install Linux via bootable DVD but it will

not recognize these as bootable and boot from HDD.
Boot order of course is CD ROM 1st , then USB Cd 2nd, etc and Last HDD.
Now when I connect an external USB DVD RW Writer - that one will recognize these DVD's as

boot dvds and go into boot menu.
Why does not ts-l632d recognize these as Bootable DVD's and boot.

I also made a bootable rescue CD and even that is NOT recognized as bootable by the DVD

Drive of the laptop. External Burner will recognize.

The 2nd problem is that when you boot of an external DVD RW, then Vista gives error that it

cannot find Hard Drive - make sure HDD is turned on.

Folks ..Desktop...Laptop Gurus .....need your help here.


Re: HP laptop NC6320 will not recognize bootable DVD

You will have to look in the boot options and see if it is configured to boot from the cd/dvd drvie if it is configured then ensure that the CD/DVD drive is set to boot from 1st.