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HP Laserjet 5SI IEXPLORE error

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HP Laserjet 5SI IEXPLORE error

Our HP Laserjet 5 SI is very slow when printing web pages from IE 5.0. We are running windows 98 and the computer is set up to only print Web pages. The printer is running off of a network print server. The print queue is always full, and I don't have the same problems printing pdf files or word documents with images of similar size. At least once a day I get iexplore errors on the computer, and while printing web pages, it says IEXPLORE as a printer message on the printer. The printer settings are set to spool documents and to start printing immediately. Any thoughts as to speeding up the printing? I need to stay with IE 5.0 and Win 98.
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Re: HP Laserjet 5SI IEXPLORE error

George, this probably isn't any help. I use HP printers but not the lazerjet, does your printer give you the option to print in draft, if so, have it print web pages in draft or fastest resolution possible. You can change the printer options while in IE which will only affect your IE print jobs by clicking file, print, properties and change the settings.