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HP Pavilion Z Series Notebook Hard Drive Adapter

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HP Pavilion Z Series Notebook Hard Drive Adapter

Not quite Microsoft related, but this was the closest category I could find to discuss laptop issues....

I've gotten myself into quite a conundrum. While replacing the hard drive in my new HP Pavilion zv5000z notebook, a little plastic adapter piece was broken, rendering the laptop useless. This piece is an independent part that serves to connect the hard drives's pins to the notebooks 'teeth' like connection.

The problem gets worse. Turns out, having called HP tech support a couple of times, that this little piece cannot be ordered separately. Instead, I must send in my laptop for service...costing $270. Needless to say, this little piece is hardly worth the money, time and effort of sending in. I just need a new one...

So...does anyone happen to know where I can get one of these? I've tried searching eBay...nothing. All parts laptops on there have the hard drive stripped out, doing me no good. I'm not sure what models use this piece, I believe only the newer Z series machines do...

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Thank you!

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Re: HP Pavilion Z Series Notebook Hard Drive Adapter

Hi Marcel,

You could post this over in the Pavilion Notebook Category:


The experts there will have some ideas for you,

Hope this helps,

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Re: HP Pavilion Z Series Notebook Hard Drive Adapter

I need one of these too. Anyone know where I can find one?