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HP Pavillion 7965 Mac address

New Member

HP Pavillion 7965 Mac address

Hi All,

I have an HP Pavillion 7965, as you might knwo it has an onboard ethernet card.

Also I have installed an additional ethernet card to communicate with a Motorola cable modem SB4100E.

The cable modem will only function with the MAC address of the additional ethernet card, so there for I have connected it to this card of course. But the modem still locks it self. This I can only overcome by disabling the onboard ethernet card, that I had hopes to use for another network connection.

Has anyone expirienced these problems before and or maybe someone out there has a solution.


Harm Meijer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Pavillion 7965 Mac address

The OS plays a part in this as well. What OS are you running? Have you thought about using a router? Not only is it safer, all machines would have Internet access and only one NIC would be needed fro each machine.