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HP pavillion quick launch mute button gone haywire

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HP pavillion quick launch mute button gone haywire

I have had this DV 6000 Pavillion for almost three years now, about two years ago the mute button started going haywire, beeping on and off for minutes at a time for no apparent reason. I can sometimes get it to stop by tapping the mute button fast. but otherwise it beeps at high speed going on and off at random for no reason.

The buttons work, and id like to keep it that way, but the beeping IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Ive talked to HP support, no real help. Ive reformatted my computer about a year ago for other reasons, no help. I just want this fixed, since id like my new laptop to be a pavillion as well, but because of this im highly reconsidering getting a mac.

I just want to be able to turn off the sound the buttons make (the mute bttn), or if i have to, just disable all the quicklaunch buttons all together.

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Re: HP pavillion quick launch mute button gone haywire

AFAICS this on a notebook.

There ain't no use in asking in a forum on "Microsoft" if it's just a *Hardware* problem.

Pls visit the proper forum for your model/type of computer. I seems to be:
"notebook PCs - pavilions, presario"

Pls ask again there.
Moderators unfortunately can not move this thread to there.