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HP PSC 1315 hangs from MAC OS 10.4.1

New Member

HP PSC 1315 hangs from MAC OS 10.4.1

I have a HP 1315 psc printer/scanner/copier connected to an XP PC. My iMac connects to the XP and is able to network, share and connect to the internet.

I have installed on my iMac the hpijs-foomatic package(version 2.0.2). I have set up the printer on the iMac and the printer is visible. I have selected the HP PSC 1310 Foomatic/hpijs and everything seems to install ok until I try a test print.

1. The print job is sent to the XP PC which receives it and places it in the print queue.

2. The green LED on the printer starts to flash indicating that it is preparing to print.

3. The print heads start to move.

4. The green LED on the printer continues to flash.

5. But, no printing.

6. The XP status shows 'Printing', Size is stuck at 64.0KB/xxxKb - seems like the printer is waiting for more data ...

8. The iMac does not report any errors during transmission and assumes job is complete.

Only thing to do is cancel job on XP and reset printer by switching off and on.
Any help would be appreciated.

Re: HP PSC 1315 hangs from MAC OS 10.4.1

hello there ... have tried the settings in the PRINTER properties : perhaps its set to "poll" ? go to MY Network Place, and into PRINTER/FAXES .... investigate all fields, look around and make sure everything is set accordngly