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HP SUM 5.3.5 doesn't work with UAC

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HP SUM 5.3.5 doesn't work with UAC



Our Windows server 2012 baseline has UAC (User Access Control) activated. 


When trying to remote install with hpsum running on a different system (in this case win 2k8 R2) to a windows 2012 target server. When UAC is on It tries to connect and discover the server. It succedes to install the service (HpsumServerW32) using the credentials but after that it goes downhill and eventually it times out and says it can't login to the server.  when i check the logs from HP SUM it's filled with SOAP Error messages that doesn't. For example


SoapClientInternal::SoapCallCompleted(): Send Error: Failed to send message type 1 and subtype 19, NAPI error 1011 (send), retrying ..


SoapClientInternal::SendServerMessage(): Send Error: Login required, NAPI error 1007 (send)


SoapClientInternal::SoapCallCompleted(): Error: Login attempt to hpsum server session failed. Login Error: Error: Unable to connect to server. Please check logs for detailed error information, NAPI error 1011 (call)


My Theory is that when the service HPsumServerw32 is trying to launch the other exe files that is transfered for exemple hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe. The UAC doesn't allow them administrator privileges.



When turning off the UAC with group policy in active directory the above scenario works like a charm. This proves that it's the UAC making the trouble. I know there will be people reading this that says just leave it off but thats not an option only the last resort.


Anyone have any idea how to solves this or if HP has any fix for this


Any input would be much appriciated


Best Regards

//Mattias Cederberg


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Re: HP SUM 5.3.5 doesn't work with UAC

An update.

If you execute hpsum localy on the machine you are trying upgrade it works fine.


when executing localy it say during startup "Qt: Untested Windows version 6.2 detected!" so i'm guessing that HP will improve the windows 2012 support in future release.

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Re: HP SUM 5.3.5 doesn't work with UAC

Version 6.0.0 is available as of 9/10/13. Search hp.com for SUM and click on the Server 2012 link.



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