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HP System Management Software

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HP System Management Software

Looks like HP is now requiring a subscription?!?!?! in order for me to download the System Management Software for servers?  Anyone know how this works?   I'd like to be able to get all the Server software and also HP updates, etc. for all of my HP servers as I have over a dozen AND a blade server.  

Thanks in advance, Tom 

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Re: HP System Management Software

Hey Tom, 


Just ran into this yesterday, I am guessing your talking about the lock symbol by obtain software and then it pops up Support Validation Required with Cancel and Contracts & Warrenties? 

Short Answer:

1. Click Contracts & Warrenties, then go to link warrenties.

2. Get the Serial number and Part number for server choose multiple or single depending if you want others to register the device

3. Click ok, you will now have access to the software.

Note: You need to have an active warrenty on the server you are using, I talked with HP support and they told me it does not have to be the server  in question you enter, you just need a serial and part number from a different server if needed to access all the software. 


Good Luck, 



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Re: HP System Management Software

Yes, I should have mentioned (thought I did) - I don't have any active
warranties on any of my dozen servers! Now what?