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Laptop keys not working- SOLUTION

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Laptop keys not working- SOLUTION

Hey guys, I had a Compaq presario V5000 (HP after-all) which developed a keypad problem. The "G,H, backspace, tab" keys won't work. I installed a new keypad and it also was showing the same problem. Occasionally the "non working buttons" switch to "Q,A,Z, capslock, etc"and G,H start working again. HP support suggested it was hardware problem. On several other forums the general consensus was that the attachment plug for the keypad ribbon (on the motherboard) was to blame and I tend to agree with that. Many suggested that cleaning it, pushing it,bending it, etc solved the problem. Mine worked after I blew hard several times into it. It seems ridiculous but sometimes works.
The solution I found most useful is a temporary one and can be used to get around in difficult situations such as typing a password, but not very useful for large amount of typing.
Go to start menu and run "osk". This will bring an "on screen keypad". Now use your mouse and left click to select buttons for typing. As I said before this is only useful for small amount of typing but works universally if your software is intact. Good luck with your hardware though.
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Re: Laptop keys not working- SOLUTION

Could be a number of things - but wonder if you had the case open just before the 1st time you had the problem. There is not much room between the keyboard and the stuff beneath it. If the screws are too tight or something is not sitting "flush" there could be some contact with the keyboard - maybe something pushing up on the bottom of the keys. Good luck, RAY