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Linux in Windows Partition

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Linux in Windows Partition

I have a HP Pavilion Home PC 8622 with Intel Pentium III processor and 10 GB Hard Disk. Since I am getting problems with the Win 98 OS (Second Edition) I would like to try out Corel Linux Second Edition as my new OS. Can I install this in my Windows partition without much problems ? Has some body tried it with good results ?
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Re: Linux in Windows Partition

I have the Pavilion 6470Z and I am running a 'Dual' Boot of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 and Windoze 98 SE. Currently I am in Linux Mode performing an X Windows sessions from there and running DNS, Sendmail .... for Internet services on my Office Lan.

While I have heard of Linux in the Windows Partition, Linux-Mandrake includes the disk drake and disk druid tools for partitioning your computer to run Linux in a Native mode.

I would Highly recommend using Linux in this manner. However, here's the address for a Web Site which contains the mini Howtos to install with Windows. http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/mini.html

I've also found useful references for you to examine in the Linux FAQ (with Answers) Guide http://www.linuxdoc.org/FAQ/Linux-FAQ/index.html

Hope this helps. Have a Great Day!

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Re: Linux in Windows Partition

Well I have just taken the dive into the Linux world... worth a go. I am running Linux Mandrake on my 8513 Pavilion on a seperate partition which I made using Partition magic.

You can use Linux on your Windows partition... it uses a program called Lin4win... I have not tried it myself, but it seems pretty straight forward... I insert the CD in when I am running windows and it will auto run it and pop up with two options... Linux on Windows partition and Linux on seperate partition... I assume it is the same for Corel.

For more info have a look at.... www.linux.com, www.linuxnewbie.org, www.linuxplanet.com. They will be able to tell ya much more than I could. :)

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