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MAPI 5.40.05 & Outlook98 client

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MAPI 5.40.05 & Outlook98 client

Hi everyone,

Background: HP OpenMail MAPI 5.40.05 installed on most WinNT workstations, all using Outlook98 client.

I'm scratching my head over these two odd errors.

1. Intermittent - when viewing folders in Outlook, Outlook is "suddenly" not able to view the contents of a folder. Message says "unable to display folder". On the Email server, using "advmail", folder and contents are visible. If some/all messages are moved to another folder, sometimes original folder will suddenly "appear" the next time you login to Outlook.

2. Staff are receiving "Read Receipts" for messages that have not been sent/read. We are using "public folders" and had thought that an upgrade to 5.04.05 would help. If some staff are still at lower-version MAPI drivers, would these Read Receipts still get sent when they open someone's message in the "public" areas.

Any ideas/hints would be greatly appreciated,

Clare Agapeyev
Kvaerner Chemetics
Vancouver, BC
Valued Contributor

Re: MAPI 5.40.05 & Outlook98 client

Hello Clare,

1. I must admit that I have not seen this exact problem before. However, if the content of the folder can be seen with advmail, then the information is obviously there. There are two things that may help narrow things dwon.

a) Is this a problem for a single user? If they use another PC, can they see the folder's content?

b) In a similar vain to a), if the profile is removed and re-created on the PC, does this make a difference. I have seen issues related to the profile before creating strange behaviours in Outlook.

2. If a user were to email to a public folder with a read receipt enabled, then you could expect to get a read receipt each time a person read it. Is this what you think is happening, I was not sure?