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Media Player

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Media Player

Hi guys.. does anyone know what the best media player is in this present..? Is it Winamp, Nullsoft..? I'm using that program in 5.05 full version.. but is it the best freeware program i can get..? some suggestions maybe??.. And by the way.. does somebody know how to make mp3's you download from browsers, peer to peer programs and so on sound less digital and bad.. than they do.. some file-convert program plz.. i want it in CD quality..

Re: Media Player

be clear in asking question,
lot of questions, :)

There are lot of media player
u can go for real player
Winamp is the best as far as i have seen
u can find it free,
also u have to install plugins for playing avi
as avi/mpeg are not supported by default,

and there are lot of p2p software availble
u can go for LIMEWIRE
it is good
kazaa++,bittorrent,bearshare ...............are some of the best .
and the really best way , but difficult is u can get all files thru

hope this wud help