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microphone on m50

New Member

microphone on m50

I've looked everywhere to find instructions on using the microphone built in on
the M50, but have had no luck. Do I need another external mike or will this
one do and do I need additional software to set up the microphone to be used
with the internet and all other applications? If so what is recommended?

Any and all help will be appreciated
Regular Advisor

Re: microphone on m50

Hi Mary,

Unfortunately this is a forum for posting Microsoft operating system and
software questions. I believe the answer to your question is yes, you can use
the built-in microphone. You can find more detailed info by going to the home
page for the Pavilion model, or by posting a question in their forum. To get
all the specs on your Pavilion or accessories, go to the main HP site at
www.hp.com, then click on Drivers. Follow the pull-downs and select the
product you need info on. You will get to the products home page where you can
access FAQs, troubleshooting documents, drivers, how-to's, etc.

You can check to see if there's a forum for your model Pavilion by clicking on
the HP User Community Site link in the "Other HP Forums" section on the right
side of the Microsoft forum.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes