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Microsoft Technology Services from HP

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Microsoft Technology Services from HP

Did you know that Hewlett-Packard was the first worldwide Microsoft Certified Support Center more than 5 years ago and today is one of only three in the world?

HP offers a wide range of Microsoft technology solutions for your organization. Visit our Microsoft Technology Services website for more information on how we can make your organization unleash the power of Microsoft technologies.


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Jamie Hughes
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Re: Microsoft Technology Services from HP

Wouldn't this type of info be better located on the main ITRC screen in the What's New area (or whatever). From an end user perspective this is just more of what can HP sell me today. You have three messages in here today that are primarily sales oriented! I doubt this is the intent of the forums. There are many of us that are giving away some of our free time trying to help some people out. I would suggest that people like me will spend a whole lot less time trying to help if we know that we have to weed through advertising to do it.
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Re: Microsoft Technology Services from HP

Hi Tim,

It is not our intention to use the Forums as a place to sell new products or services. The Forums are here for you and your peers to exchange ideas and learn how to solve technical problems. We encourage HP engineers to proactively post information that the community might find interesting or useful.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts - we will keep these kinds of messages to a minimum.

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