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mounting an exported file system from HP-UNIX

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mounting an exported file system from HP-UNIX

running hpux v 11.00 here

I can mount an exported file system from a Windows 2003 server but when I try to get into it or use it I get a "permission denied" msg, even with the owner and permissions being wide open.
This does work fine on an older version of Windows but the data needs to be migrated to the newer server.
Any known patches or any other ideas about this ?
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Re: mounting an exported file system from HP-UNIX

The file which u had created in windows platform should be accessable by host and relevant user.
Try by giving the full access to everyone for the file and see. or
Try by changing the UMASK of the server for confirming the problem.
Disable any firewall option,if it is enabled.
How u mounting the file on hp-ux box?? Ur mounting the windows filesystem on hp-ux by giving the user credentials while executing the mount command??
Is two m/c are in c=same vlan??


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