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Moving HP pavilion 8860 to a new case


Moving HP pavilion 8860 to a new case


i was wondering if the motherboard from my hp pavilion 8860 is a standard atx/ micro atx board and if the screw holes would match perfectly so that i can tranfer it to a standard atx case.I need more space in this case and better airflow, as this case is extremely cramped and not too upgrade friendly.

They look fairly standard, but i recall my friend once attempted to transfer a HP motherboard and had problems with the holes not fitting exactly.
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Re: Moving HP pavilion 8860 to a new case

Hey, Mike.

Your motherboard is an ASUS board, so it should be directly pluggable into a comparable case.

Going by the looks of the board, I'd say that it's a micro-atx.

Sorry I can't tell you the ASUS model number of the board. But you should be able to open up the case and take a look. Enter that number somewhere into the www.asus.com site and you may be able to find out more info. (Good luck with that, their new website is a nightmare to navigate!)

I hope this helps!

Good Luck - Tim
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