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NCU upgrade removes 1000/Full setting

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NCU upgrade removes 1000/Full setting

Greetings fellow problemsolvers :)

I have a number of DL360G7 servers with an additional NC360T NIC on which I create a two-way NFT team going to separate Cisco 4948 switches.
The servers were baselined with the 8.60 PSP and Windows 2008 R2.We have all ports on all servers and switches locked @ 1000/full.

When running the PSP 8.60 versions of NCU and NIC driver, everything runs a-ok. However, after upgrading to NCU and NIC driver (latest and greatest) ..the NIC´s are no longer locked at 1000/full but have gone back to the default setting of auto/auto.
If I change a NIC (or both) to 1000/full, I get a "Wire-Fault" on that NIC.
Forcing a downgrade to the 8.60 versions makes the 1000/full setting play nicely again.

I have already upgraded a few servers that are now in production and would hate to have to downgrade them all again.

Anyone with a solution or a hint?