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need more drive space


need more drive space

My C: drive has used up around 20 GB of space and I need more. The computer has a 60 GB hard drive. Is there anyway I can get more space. Maybe even erasing my D: drive. I'm not sure if that is smart or not but I am not the most computer savvy person in the world. My _RESTORE file has almost 2 GB of space that it is taking but there are only a few files there. Please help!



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Re: need more drive space

you could decrease the size of your recylce bin. as long as you dont mind not storing obejct in there. right click-properties and youll know what to do. i gained 3GB from decreasing the size.
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Re: need more drive space

Hi Larry,
You may move the data files from C drive to D drive. Keep C drive as much as free so that system will get space for paging.

Still you want to resize the C drive, you can use Partition Magic & do a resize of partitions through that.


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