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Need your help on the port issue

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Need your help on the port issue

Need your help on the port issue with Windows 2008 Server.

We discovered something with Win2008 server. Microsoft decided that they wanted to limit the number of ports dynamically available to be used by RPC to those above 49152. This is causing problems with machines behind firewalls since we generally specified 1024-5000 for the firewalls. There is a registry setting that can be added to reset the range available to whatever you want.

We are hesitant to recommend that to our group start resetting 2008 servers to use the "full"(1024 and up) range again so the FW configs function properly, since Microsoft wouldn't have made the change for no reason. (or would they)

We need some guidance on how to proceed. I need to know if it would cause a problem with the OS by changing the dynamic port range to go back to the full range of ports (1024 and up) the way it was in previous server OS's.

Thanks in advance