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NetRAID Assistant questions

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NetRAID Assistant questions


We have an HP NetServer LXr Pro running NT Server 4.0 Enterprise ed. SP6a
NetRAID 3si, NetRAID Assistant A.01.15

I had a drive fail in a RAID 50 array and a hot spare replaced it okay and the failed drive now in the READY state. It failed due to non-media error. The NetRAID alarm is sounding and I've currently silenced the alarm in NetRAID Assistant. How do I get the alarm to stop sounding without disabling it or silencing it? Is it safe and/or recommended to make the failed drive a hot spare now, or can I choose to rebuild the failed drive and change my originally hot spare back to a hot spare? Or am I best off to replace the drive that failed?
Also, in the NetRAID log I have another message saying that the Battery life is low: Trickle charge on. Is this anything to be concerned about? It doesn't occur repeatedly and the 3si card is only a few months old so I can't imagine that the battery on it is going bad.
I'm attaching a text file that contains the NetRAID log and the NetRAID.log events in the NT Event Viewer.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: NetRAID Assistant questions

Hi Brady,

The battery backup module was below operational limits and it should be automatically recharged. If the condition persists, contact your HP local office or HP vendor and have them replace the battery pack.

I would recommend replacing the failed drive and then making it your hot spare.

You might also want to make sure you have the latest firmware for the NetRaid controller. You can get it here:


Jamie Hughes