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Not getting Crash Dumps

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Not getting Crash Dumps

I have a problem with three DL 380 servers running Windows 2008 that continue to blue screen, any help would be greatly appreciated.

BSOD Error
STOP:0x00000019 (0x0000000000000021, 0xfffffA8019D24000,

I have logged a call with both HP and Microsoft to help resolve but so far they have been unable to identify the problem. Unfortunately for some reason Iâ  m not getting kernel dumps. After turning ASR off when the servers blue screen they just sit there, with the last event being initializing disk for crash dumpâ ¦..

I tried pretty much everything I (and Microsoft and HP) can think of to get dumps working. I have listed all the steps Iâ  ve taken so far to get the memory dumps.

Action taken so far:
â ¢ set a manual crash dump to initialsize 9000 and maximumsize 9000 so that our paging file is definitely greater than RAM (even though it's a kernel dump
â ¢ Set Crash control to auto reboot HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl
â ¢ Installed the latest firmware and driver for the HP Smart Array P400 controller.
â ¢ Removed physical memory, leaving only 8G
â ¢ System board has been replaced by HP
â ¢ NC364T, Quad port NIC has been replaced by HP

My configuration is as follows:
â ¢ Proliant DL380 G5, Product ID 458561-421
â ¢ iLO2 Advanced enabled, Firmware 1.70
â ¢ System ROM P56
â ¢ Dual Fans, Dual quad core processors
â ¢ Smart Array P400 RAID controller, Firmware 5.26
â ¢ Raid controller configured as 1 logical volume, 2 drive mirror, with on online spare, 3 drives total
â ¢ 1 QUAD Port NC364T card installed
â ¢ 32GB Memory


ost Name: Server1
OS Name: Microsoftà © Windows Serverà © 2008 Enterprise
OS Version: 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Member Server
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Windows User
Registered Organization:
Product ID: 55041-098-5042163-76696
Original Install Date: 07/10/2008, 12:25:17
System Boot Time: 19/07/2009, 09:50:52
System Manufacturer: HP
System Model: ProLiant DL380 G5
System Type: x64-based PC
Processor(s): 2 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~3166 Mhz
[02]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~3166 Mhz
BIOS Version: HP P56, 01/11/2008
Windows Directory: C:\Windows
System Directory: C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Locale: en-gb;English (United Kingdom)
Input Locale: en-gb;English (United Kingdom)
Time Zone: (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
Total Physical Memory: 8,189 MB
Available Physical Memory: 7,027 MB
Page File: Max Size: 17,186 MB
Page File: Available: 15,930 MB
Page File: In Use: 1,256 MB
Page File Location(s): C:\pagefile.sys
Domain: domain.intra
Logon Server: \\server2
Hotfix(s): 37 Hotfix(s) Installed.
[01]: KB938464
[02]: KB950050
[03]: KB950858
[04]: KB950904
[05]: KB950974
[06]: KB951978
[07]: KB952004
[08]: KB952287
[09]: KB953341
[10]: KB953733
[11]: KB954211
[12]: KB954234
[13]: KB954366
[14]: KB954459
[15]: KB955069
[16]: KB955302
[17]: KB956572
[18]: KB956589
[19]: KB956697
[20]: KB956774
[21]: KB956802
[22]: KB956841
[23]: KB957095
[24]: KB957097
[25]: KB957200
[26]: KB957388
[27]: KB957517
[28]: KB958623
[29]: KB958644
[30]: KB958687
[31]: KB958690
[32]: KB959426
[33]: KB959962
[34]: KB960038
[35]: KB960225
[36]: KB960803
[37]: KB967902

Roles and features enables:
â ¢ MPIO
â ¢ Hyper-V
â ¢ Backup
â ¢ APC PowerShute Business Edition
â ¢ DPM Backup agent
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Re: Not getting Crash Dumps

Exactly the same error here on a Blade BL460c G1 on W2K3 x64 SP2.

Since two days the server is getting the BSOD every 15mins.

Need urgent help.