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not responding

Every program I work in has a not responding problem. Also, my memory is almost full but I dont have very much on my computer.

Can anyone recommend a program I can run to see if it will detect a problem??
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Re: not responding

We need a lot more information.

What computer make and model do you have?
Which operating system and version? Which
patches have you installed?
Do you have antivirus software installed? Which one? Is it up-to-date? When did you last run a full scan?

If you're running most any recent version of Windows, you can bring up the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, then select "Start Task Manager"), and look at the "processes" tab to see what is running. Look at the "performance" tab to see a graph of processor and memory use. DO NOT use the "end process" button unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Slow performance could be caused by many things. Some can be simple and cheap to fix, like not having enough RAM in a system that supports more -- add some! Some can be easy to identify, but harder to fix, such as running programs that require faster CPUs, may require buying a new system.

You can query the 'net for help on performance problems on your particular HW and OS. If you do not understand computers, it may be best to pay someone who knows how to diagnose and fix performance issues.
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