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Office application for thin client

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Office application for thin client

Hi, a few of my clients often ask me about Word Excel, outlook veiwer (mail veiwer) for thin client.
during one of the technical sessions. it was stated that there is some Microsoft Office version available for thinclient. which require less installation space. or is there any open office version right for this.


Shajee Wadood
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Re: Office application for thin client

Hi Shajee

From my own experiences Microsoft Office can be used in a Thin client environment - I've used MS office 2000 on MS Terminal Services / Citrix Thin Client since 2000, however the installation on Office 2000 is complicated, however support for thin client on office XP was better and easier; I've not tested Office 2003 or Office 2008 yet but I'm sure that the support for thin client would be better. The space is not any less on the Backend of the Thin client server, it the same a full installation on you PC, however (obviously) there is no files stored / needed on the client device.
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