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Outlook distribution list.

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Outlook distribution list.

I have a question on using a distribution list from my personal address book. After creating a distribution list and adding the addresses I sent a test e-mail. I also included myself in the list too. When I sent a test e-mail I found that everyone that was in the distribution list was listed in the TO section of the e-mail. Is there a way to have only the name of the distribution list show up in the TO section?

When I send e-mail using a distribution list that was created by my company and is available to everyone in our company the distribution list name is in the TO section so I know it can be done. We are using exchange server.

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Re: Outlook distribution list.

Hi ,
The distribution list has to be created in the exchange server not in your personal contacts. That is the problem.

Ask your Exchange server administrator to create a distribution list in the server and make it available in Gloabl address list. Also ask them to give u the permission to modify the list, so that u can add/remove email id's in them..

U have to choose the distribution list from the global address list and then use it in "To " address.

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Re: Outlook distribution list.

If the Exchange Admin won't make you the group, place your list in the BCC field. Each person who receives the email will only see their name in the TO: field.

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Re: Outlook distribution list.


If you use BCC as I do for personal distribution of jokes to friends and family no name will be shown in the TO list by any receiver, and as you cannot send an email without anyone in the TO section you will need to create an address entry for something like: "Undisclosed Recipients: Your address has been without for your own privacy" with you own email address embedded.

This way the receivers will know why they can't see their own email address and can see the validity of the senders email as it is listed as a receiver also.

I do this so that I don't unintentionally broadcast peoples email addresses to other whom they don't know and so if they forward to someone else I haven't allowd them to do likewise.

Because other people I know don't take this care and precaution when sending things with my email address, I also regularly change my temp email address to avoid spam and only give out my permanenet address to people I trust.