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Outlook Express (WinXP) does not remember passwords

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Outlook Express (WinXP) does not remember passwords

We've bought the HP Pavilion 724 yesterday and have installed it according to the manual (somewhat at least). Everything seems to work just fine, except for outlook express. Although we have the "remember password" (wachtwoord onthouden) on in the settings (where you can config your mail, servers adn such) it doesn't seem to do it. I've been told it should something with the system service, although I find that to be most likely. But, maybe it is. I've tried to find it, nothing. Tried Microsoft support base... Nothing.

Would you have any idea on how to solve this problem?

I have included a picture.
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Re: Outlook Express (WinXP) does not remember passwords

MS describes a problem similar to yours, and provides a way to fix it in the following article.


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