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pavilion n5425 power problems

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pavilion n5425 power problems

ive had this notebook for a while so the warranty is over. the little hole where you plug in the ac adapter kind of caved in. theres nothing to plug the adapter into, hence no power and a dead laptop. i had someone look at it who said it could be fixed for cheap just take it to best buy, but when i got there they said that its something connected to the motherboard and would cost upt o 700. the laptop isnt even worth 700 anymore. anyone had this same problem? thx in advance
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Re: pavilion n5425 power problems

Your advice was correct. The power plug is connected to the System board and it is obviously wrecked. It means a new system board and a complete disassembling of the notebook to install it - provided that that system board is still available.
The other 'fix' is to get an electronics wizz to open it up and use things like araldite and solder to re-connect it - and even then it will be 'delicate'. And the labour will probably be about the same value as replacing the system board.
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