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Pavilion Notebook BIOS and Battery Questions

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Pavilion Notebook BIOS and Battery Questions


I have a few questions:

Issue #1
Has anyone with a HP N5340 notebook upgraded to the newer v1.63 BIOS? One of the new features included is a battery calibration feature in the BIOS.

However, I've heard that HP issued a battery calibration program for the 3000 series notebooks a while ago but created problems for some users such as decreasing battery capacity.

Has anyone tried the battery calibration function on the N5340 or any of the HP N5000 series notebooks?

Issue #2
Does anyone know how to revive the additional BIOS setttings such as memory timings, AGP Aperture size, etc. that were supressed by HP? I have a Pavilion N5340 notebook and many functions have been hidden. I understand that HP does this to streamline technical support issues, but I'd like to change some of these settings to fine tune the system.


Brian Auyoung
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