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Peer to peer network setup for HP printers

New Member

Peer to peer network setup for HP printers

I know this is probably pretty basic stuff but I have to start somewhere.

I have been assigned the task of networking our small office. I decided to go
peer to peer using a 10/100 hub. We have an HP 8000 printer(with newly
installed jetdirect card) and a HP 570C PLUS plotter(network card factory

I was told that setting IP addresses for the 3-P.C.'s and 2-printers wasn't
needed. We run NT4.0 on our P.C.'s. I would like find some direct to the point
instructions on how to setup our network to allow all the P.C.'s to send to
both printers. I want to keep it simple but effective.

Thanks for the help. D.L.

Re: Peer to peer network setup for HP printers

You can acomplish your task in at least 2 ways.

1. Print directly to each printer from every PC.
2. Print via a shared printer.

You will have to put IP addresses for all the PCs and the printers. You will
also need to install TCP/IP printing services on each PC. this is a working
sokution, but I think it will require to much work.

Designate on PC to be your print server. Set up IP on the printers and on this
PC. Install TCP/IP printing services and define the print queues. Then offer
these queues as shares for the rest of the PCs