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Print problems with mips software

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Print problems with mips software

I have three shared HP printers available on my LAN at this time a 5p a 4050
and a 672c. I'm using mips Versa Check program that prints 3 up style business
checks. I cannot get the memo line to print on any of the checks and the last
line (City State and Zip of the payee) will not print on the third check. Via
e-mail from mips support I was advised to install a Laser Jet III driver on my
5P and print using this driver. When I went to the HP download center there
seems to be no HP III driver available for windows 95. I also am not sure how
to call out this specific driver when printing from a workstation.
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Re: Print problems with mips software


The HP Laserjet III printer driver comes standard in the Windows 95 CAB files.
Usually, the cab files can be located in \windows\options\cabs

Hope this helps you out,