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printing HTML file from command-line/script

New Member

printing HTML file from command-line/script

I hope this wasn't covered before. If it was, I couldn't find it and I apologize in advance...

I wish to print html files from a script. Some files are landscape orientation and some are portrait orientation. I can use PCL to set the orientation but I cannot find a way to print the files with the html being interpreted. IOW, the file will print, but as plain text.

I'm currently using this from a script:
rundll32.exe mshtml.dll,PrintHTML "c:\\.html"
Although this works, it uses the same dll that Internet Explorer uses and pops-up a dialog box requesting the printer and printer properties. The goal is to have the html files print in an automated fashion, e.g. without human intervention. I hope that someone knows the "magic".

FWIW, the printer is an HP Color LaserJet 3600.

I thank you,
Karl Dutcher