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Printing to Lower Tray in VB6

New Member

Printing to Lower Tray in VB6

I am having trouble getting an application to print to the lower tray using the
newest HP5si drivers for a 5si printer if I use a 4si driver it works. Any
Regular Advisor

Re: Printing to Lower Tray in VB6

Hi Kevin,

It sounds like you have narrowed the problem down to the 5si or it's driver
since your app works ok when you use the 4si driver. Given that, you should
post your question in the LaserJet forum and ask them if they have a newer
driver or know about this issue. Again, I don't believe this problem relates
to Microsoft products if everything works fine using the 4si driver. I'll
include a link for the LaserJet User Community Forum - please post your
question there.

Jamie Hughes