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Problem With pavilion DV2000 (ntoskrnl.exe)

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Problem With pavilion DV2000 (ntoskrnl.exe)


I am not computer literate but I seem to be having problems with my laptop. I have had this laptop now for 6 months and everything has been working fine. I tried booting my laptop up and I got to the desk top as normal but once I tried to open MSN live messenger everything I was running in the back ground had (not responding) by it.

I thought it was a problem with messenger so I uninstalled it then re- installed it and the same happened again. Once I reset my laptop it started freezing before I reached the desktop so I reset the settings to a few weeks before and got back on.

I did a check with AVG and it came up with ntoskrnl.exe (change/infected). I still cant access msn without it crashing also if I leave the laptop in an idol state it just crashes after about 15 mins. I have tried leaving music on but if I dont move the mouse it just crashed after 15 minutes

Has anyone had or heard of this problem before if so U would be grateful for some advice.

thanks Aston
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Re: Problem With pavilion DV2000 (ntoskrnl.exe)

> I am not computer literate [...]

Apparently. This forum is for [Open]VMS, not
Windows, so you're asking in the wrong place.
Perhaps you'd do better in a Windows-related

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Re: Problem With pavilion DV2000 (ntoskrnl.exe)

Steve, the poor fellow is running Microsoft Windows, and something has corrupted his boot disk. Cut him some slack. :-)

Aston, the usual answer you'll get from support here is "wipe and reinstall"; that's the generic solution for most Windows issues. (ITRC isn't an official support forum and I'm not working for HP, so that may or may not be the official HP answer here.)

I've moved off of Microsoft Windows about two years ago, but my experience up through that timeframe was that a wipe and reinstall was seemingly needed every six months to a year, depending on the degree of software churn on the box; depending on what software you were adding and removing. Uninstalling and reinstalling and sometimes just installing random add-ons, software or torrent files can be enough to clobber the whole environment.

Here, get your files off the box (or confirm that your existing disk backups are current), or get some help from somebody that can get a copy of your files off of this box -- using another Windows box, or copy the Windows files off using Linux or Mac OS X to avoid risk of malware infestation -- and then use your computer's installer disk to reload Windows.

Something has apparently sat on the Windows kernel image -- the central and probably most important file of the entire Windows operating system -- and a case which could be triggered by a disk error underneath the file, a rogue write I/O, or malware. But the solution the vendor will likely proposed here is usually the same. Then the wipe and reload.

And yes, you're asking HP OpenVMS operating system folks here in ITRC forums about Microsoft Windows operating system errors. And no, OpenVMS does not boot nor operate on the dv2000, save through hardware emulation. :-)