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Re- Partition ??

New Member

Re- Partition ??

My hard drive has been formatted and now with no partitions,,

HP is sending me a new restore disk set
Does the restore disks install the partitions,, or do I need to do this prior ?

I thank you in advance for your reply




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Re: Re- Partition ??

Your question is very vague.

What are you restoring? OS type would be a good start.
The Devil is in the detail.
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Re: Re- Partition ??

Hi Morrie,

First of all I invite U "Welcome ITRC forums" Ur newly member this forum.

BTW, I will guide U, in future when U open a new thread that time U should describe what is Ur actual problem. Because if we did not understand Ur problem then we can not provide Ur required solution.

Follow this way:-
1. System Model (Ex. HP DL580 G4 server)
2. Which OS Ur using Ur existing system(Ex. HP-UX/Linux/Windows)
3. What is the actual problem Ur Facing?
4. What is the respective solution U need?

I hope U understands.....

I am a Customer Advocate!!!