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Read Only Mount

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Read Only Mount

We have a storage array that has a LUN mounted rw to host1, and ro to host2. When we place new files in the rw mount on host1, they are not reflected on the ro mount on host2 until we umount and mount the filesystem.

When I do a list on host 2 for on the name of a file that has been created on host1, I get the following error:

# ls -l 07000108*
07000108PR000002342410222008.tiff not found
07000108PR000002348110292008.tiff not found
07000108PR000002348410302008.tiff not found
07000108PR000002348610302008.tiff not found

It's like the system can see the file, but can't access it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Read Only Mount

Is this HP-UX or Linux?