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Recover system for Storage server DL-160 G5

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Recover system for Storage server DL-160 G5

Hello I need help!!!

Windows don´t start, yesterday thesystem crash, accuse don´t access a some files on disk "C", a blue screenapears and reboot, can´t boot afterreboot.

I have a Smart Start but is not compatible with the server.

I need copy  information for the work of the administrative area from one of the disk. How can I copy this?

Urgent!! Thank you


Re: Recover system for Storage server DL-160 G5

Hi there,

You can boot to Windows Recovery Environment using a Windows Installation Media. Once there, you can navigate to different drives and you should be able to copy the files from there.

You may refer to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/windows-recovery-environment--windows-re--technical-reference



You will have to choose to go to CMD and from there navigate to any drives and be able to copy the files

You may also use diskpart to get the list of drives and the respective letters to be able to navigate 


list disk

select disk 0 

list partition

This should give all the partitions and their drive letters once you get the drive letter 

exit from Diskpart

Choose the drive and manipulate as required.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck


Thank You !
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