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removing 95/installing 98

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removing 95/installing 98

windows 95 came installed on my system, I am having alot of problems with it, I
have a full version disc for 98, can I install 98 along with 95 and then remove
95? what is the safest and easiest way to do this?
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Re: removing 95/installing 98

Perhaps no one is responding because you haven't given any details. Generally
speaking, it should be easy to install W98 and have it replace W95. If w95 is
working at all, you should be able simply to plug in the CD and go. The
installation might possibly ask you before replacing any .DLL's etc you might
have which might be newer than the ones on the installation disk. This might
save you from having to re-install some program you currently have running. It
would be helpful to have available any floppies or CD's required for your
driver installations, but W98 should have a fairly complete selection of its
own, and you might want to try those first. If you have the original 95, with
FAT16 formatted drive, 98 should suggest you permit it to convert over to
FAT32, which may be slow, but should be a good move.

I don't know the margin where you should consider re-installing W95 rather than
switching to 98; certainly, if you have 64MB, enough disk space, and a CPU over
150 Mhz, 98 should be satisfactory.