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Restore file with [fileName].2.fbw

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Restore file with [fileName].2.fbw

Tim Carty gave the answer to this one.

Forget about putting 0s infront or deleting files!!!!

You will see your backup folder with 2 files --
1 - [fileName].1
2 - [fileName].2.fbw

Click on Backup.1, click next UNTIL you get the window with the file types with a check in the box next to each file. Uncheck all boxes except one, (you will need to do this for each file type until you have restored all your files).

Click Next until it starts to download the file. DO NOT attempt to open the Backup.2.fbw file. It will not work ever. Renaming it doesn't work in this instance -- it only works after the file is extracted and you are still having problems.

Thanks TIM for this info!!!

Hopefully this step by step process is simple enough for you to follow.
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Re: Restore file with [fileName].2.fbw

Hi folks..

specially for Cheryl G.

I have a backup that i put on a external drive. The backup names are

backup 1.exe and backup 2.fbw

I have tried to recover the files back to the laptop but have no success whatever.

Adding 0 to file is not working.. i have not tried above steps... though.. i need clear vision on this..
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