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Restricted Content

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Restricted Content

If this is not the right place to post this, I'm sorry. Maybe someone can move it.

When I attempt to watch some shows or movies on this computer I get the following message..
Restricted Content
Restrictions set by the broadcaster & or originator of content prohibit playback of program on this computer.

Why is that when I have the service from my cable company and can see the shows on my TV.

HP Pavilion Media Center TV PC,
Model m7680n
Win xp Home
IE 7
New Member

Re: Restricted Content

Are you watching this through live PC /TV tuner or from recorded PVR?
What playback software are you using on the PC?
Sounds to me like the player you are using for playback is checking to see if this is DRM or otherwise protected content- Usually this is Windows Media Player in MCE.

Try using a different playback software like ZoomPlayer, PowerDVD, WinDVD and see if this fixes it.
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