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rsh against NT

Occasional Advisor

rsh against NT

Is there any way I can rsh in Unix to run application on NT? NT allows remote
shell running against HP-UX, but not vice versa. Thanks.
Regular Advisor

Re: rsh against NT

Hi Mark,

As you know, the rsh utility provided in the NT Resource Kit will allow you to
use the rsh command against a UNIX system. I'm not sure if there is a UNIX
equivalent to go the other way.

I know there is a new product called CIFS/9000 that includes many
interoperability features between UNIX and NT. You could get more details on
it by posting a question in the HPUX forum and they can give you more technical
information. I'm not sure if it has the exact functionality you're looking for
or not but I'm sure the HPUX team can help you out with it. There is also a
SAMBA/HPUX product that allows HPUX and NT interoperability.

You could also take a look in the Technical Knowledge Base under the
Maintenance/Support link at the left. I searched on CIFS and it brought back
quite a few documents. Since you're trying to go from UNIX to NT I think the
HPUX team would be able to give you more information.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes