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scan disk CA575681

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scan disk CA575681

My father just purchased a new computer from HP I can?t remember the model. He has had it for two weeks. I have tried to run scan disk and defragmenter and it tells me that I need to run scan disk through. I did that and it stops at 642,246 bites. It is suppose to go up to 1,250,302 but it just sits there. I let it go all night and still nothing happens. I thing that I have a defective hard drive or a damaged surface area what should I do?
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Re: scan disk CA575681

In order for scandisk to work properly there must be NO applications running in the background! That is if your anti-virus program is running you must first disable it.
you can do this by usually right clicking on its icon on your taskbar. This goes as well for disc defrag. No other apps. should be running! I think this will solve your problem.
I'm not very happy with HP 6640c or this so called forum that has no answers to anything!