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SNMP traps from EMC Celerra

New Member

SNMP traps from EMC Celerra

I'm having some problems configuring traps from a Celerra SAN in HPSIM. I've imported several .mib's into HPSIM but when sending a test trap from the celerra it shows up as "Generic Unregistered". When I look at the mibs in "SNMP Trap Settings" some of them is empty while others contain information about the traps.

I've also imported the same .mib's in oidview with a much better result. There it shows severity and where the trap comes from.

I'd appreciate if anyone with insight in this matter could help.

The .mib's I've imported are the following: emc-mib.mib, emccelerra-mib.mib, fcmgmt-mib.mib, emcgateway-mib.mib.