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SPP 2018.03 - hp node inventory failed

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SPP 2018.03 - hp node inventory failed

I launch in Windows Server 2012R SPP 2018.03, under the local administrator. When connecting to a local host, the SPP produces an error: hp node inventory failed can not perform the operation now. reason: incorrect username / password.
Server HP DL380G10
What's my mistake? How can I fix it?

On the server HP DL380G9 - everything is fine and without errors

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Re: SPP 2018.03 - hp node inventory failed


Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

I am having the same issue with an ML110 Gen10 and SPP 2019.03.1.



Re: SPP 2018.03 - hp node inventory failed


Are you getting the error from  Windows start - Run hpsum.bat "Run as administrator" ? or with a bootable flash drive?

Do you have Password set in BIOS , if yes either remove the password or register it in the inventory and they try again.


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Re: SPP 2018.03 - hp node inventory failed

You haven't made a mistake.  It's poorly designed software with even poorer documentation.

Here's what you have to do to fix it:

1)  Launch the "launch_sum.bat" from your DVD / Virtual Media / USB on your Windows Server.  Make sure you're running with an Administrator account (it doesn't have to be THE Administrator account - a simple "Run as Administrator" will do.)

2)  Open a browser and navigate to the link the "launch_sum.bat" provides.  Type in your Windows administrative account username and password.

3)  Now - before you do anything - click the little down arrow to the left of "Smart Update Manager 8.4.0" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Select the "Nodes" option in the menu that pops out.

4)  It will probably start looking for the node and show a "Invalid password ..." deal.  That's OK - ignore it for now.

5)  Instead, click on "localhost" in the left-hand pane to make sure it is highlighted and selected.

6)  Now, look at the upper-right-hand side of the screen for the green "Actions" button with a down arrow.  Click the down arrow next to "Actions".

7)  Choose the "Edit" option from the menu.

  Scroll down just a bit and you'll see TWO credentials sections:  "Credentials" and "iLO Credentials".

9)  Enter a Windows account username and password (that has administrative permissions) in the username and password boxes in the "Credentials" section.  It doesn't have to be THE built-in Administrator account.

10)  Next, enter your iLO username and password in the username and password boxes under "iLO Credentials."

11)  Now click on the green "OK" button at the bottom.

Holy jumping snot-balls!  The freaking thing actually WORKS now!  Why this isn't in the official documentation is beyond me.  Hope this helps you out (and others that might find this.)

After you do the above, you can then click on the down arrow next to "Smart Update Manager 8.4.0" and choose "Localhost Guided Update" to do your normal update routine.

NOTE:  After you do this once, it seems to save it on the server itself so future sessions will "just work."