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StorageServer 2008 Restore to Different Hardware

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StorageServer 2008 Restore to Different Hardware

Disaster recovery exercise in 10 days. We migrated to a StorageWorks X1800 server this year, which is StorageServer 2008 OS-based. At the DR site we will have to restore to an ML570 G3 with EMC FC storage. In test restores here of just the X1800's C: drive to our own ML570 G3 test box, all seems to go well EXCEPT that the ROMcheckservice periodically restarts the system about every 10 minutes.

Is it safe in the DR situation to disable the ROM service? I'm just guessing, but is this checking for ROMs necessary for the attached MSA70 units? If not is there anything we can do to solve the restart problem? Once we have the C: drive up, which has our BackupExec 12.5 installation with all of its media information, we will be restoring the data drives (~6TB) from tape.