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Suggestions for Improvement

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Suggestions for Improvement

I have just spent a couple of  thousand dollars on a whole new HP set-up from Staples, Colonie, NY.


Since I am a retired college professor, now having embarked on a small press publishing business, I have found myself suddenly immersed in a world which is both baffling and foreign to me. My intention was, at first, to publish my own novels (which is being done), yet now we also have begun a Heritage series and a new writer's series as well. E-books, Amazon., Kindle, Nook, MP3 - the works.


As you might imagine, I am up to my eyebrows.


So many of my writer colleagues and friends wish for SOMEONE out there to invent (or RE-invent) a simple, charming, helpful, type of computer that actually does LESS for its owner. Mine does everything but wipe my ass for me, and while I like it (and find it amazing) I must say, it is very, very hard to love.


It would be incredible to me that other people such as myself don't plead with you people for SIMPLICITY.

and while the evolved typewriter -known then, as a 'word processor' did not do all this present thing I am writing to you on DOES DO, I am sure there a lot of us who wish we had it back!


We will soon reach a time, I believe, when the hue and cry will be  away from too much 'stuff' on one's computer. If only you people could think utterly BASIC and from the HEART (Excluding, of course, those goddamned smile-y faces!).


Or.....Maybe you have, and I am not aware?



Thank you.


Michael V. Butler, PhD.

Emeritus, UCLA, Syracuse University.