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System Reboots due to RPC errors!!

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System Reboots due to RPC errors!!

I got this message for two dayes now on my laptop. (I just keep rebooting when ever I dial up to the web) It will not exceed 10 sec. before I get this:

System Shutdowm:

This system is shutting down. Please Save all work in progress and log off. Anu unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated ny NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service terminitated unexpectdly...

It seems like a virus and Nortan Anit Virus 2003 doesn't seem to get it.....

Any ideas,,,
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Re: System Reboots due to RPC errors!!


you have the msblast virus
don't worry

follows this process

devices managers, applications and services, services, distant process call, properties, retrievement, restart service in 1st 2nd and 3rd failures

this is going to prevented the pc reboot

then download and execute this patch

that's all

kind regards

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Re: System Reboots due to RPC errors!!


Thanks Jerome,

It was the stupid Blast Worm. I downloaded the fix and got rid of that annoying worm. Yesterday at a computer shop 4 guys came in with the same problem. All enfected with msblast.exe malware. But he was ready with the fix also and it was O.K....

I heard that some guy wrote this worm while reading the Microsoft Security Bulletin!! Wow!! What a catastrophe that will be if this continues??? The Security Bulletin should be accessed by a login or something. Everything that a cracker needs is there in public??? Go figure????!

(just an opinion)

Thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Re: System Reboots due to RPC errors!!


There are relatively few people doing original work in the hacker (virus/worm) community.

The large majority are wannabes, commonly known as "script kiddees."

:-) Jay

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