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Timeout error with HP Deskjet 970CXi

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Timeout error with HP Deskjet 970CXi

We have a problem with an HP Deskjet 970CXi.We have set it up as a shared printer for the use of three users in the same office. We are getting 'Timeout' errors whenever the users try to print a document, even test pages !
If they do not respond to the error message the printer usually prints the document ok.
We have deleted and recreated the printer on the system several times, Tried it with three different cables, tried four different versions of the pinter driver,(including the corporate one off the HP website), Tried deleting it and creating it on a different PC, and lastly, substituting the printer with another 970CXi - all to no avail !!!
We just cant stop the error message popping up !

We are using Dell Optiplex GXa machines, PII with 64Mg of Ram.

Please help - going slightly mad.......
NHS User Support Officer

Re: Timeout error with HP Deskjet 970CXi

Some printer drivers check the cable connection.
When you use printer on network,it can cause 'timeout' error.
Check driver setting.(Bi-direction mode)

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