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Transparent on Win2012

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Transparent on Win2012


I have an application to run on WIN 2012 server. I get internet in my werver only if I input a webproxy. Now this application does not like webproxy's. So the recommendation was to use a Transperant Proxy.

I am trying to use squid as a replacement of the web-proxy as in the attachment. I get connected to the internet only if I check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and give the IP address of the server and the port number.

So I have configured Squid for Windows in the same Win2012 server where I am running the application. Once it is in running status, I uncheck the webproxy and there I go again... cannot browse and cannot ping any server.

The site is not allowing me to attach .txt files.. nor copy and paste them.. Any advise plz...so I copy and paste them here..

Any other simple procedure or any modifications that i need to do in the config file ?



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Re: Transparent Proxy on Win2012

No one worked on Transperent proxy ?