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TrendMicro considering java App as ahigly risk thread

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TrendMicro considering java App as ahigly risk thread


I have a java application which sniff the network traffic, I am using jpcap and winpcap in my application. Application runs fine with AVG antivirus.but when i did deploy my java application at customer environment where customer has Tren Micro Antivirus.
At that customer end trend micro is repotting my Java Application as high risk thread and also consider as dialup app which is trying to accessing the other pcs. But in actual it really not like that its only sniff the traffic which comes on that particular pc’s LAN Card.
What could be the possible reason for that as with AVG antivirus it working fine but with Treand Micro Antivirus it considering the highly risk thread

Plz let me know its possible reason and solution